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Sainik Public School


Student Support

Support services at MAPS and in the surrounding community are limited for students with exceptional needs. In order for the Admissions Office to determine if the needs of your child can be met by MAPS, you should complete the application process as soon as possible. You should also include any educational-psychological, Occupational Therapy, Speech-Language, IEP/Learning Plan, 504 Plan evaluations or reports and any other document that may be relevant to your child's emotional/social, academic and behavioral development.

Once all initial documentation is received, the completed application will go in line for review. The review process will likely take more than one week to complete, depending on the need for additional information and other unforeseen circumstances.

The Elementary School has two school counselors, a school psychologist, a speech-language pathologist and several English as an Additional Language teachers on staff. There is also a learning center where identified students are able to receive remediation for mild academic differences.

The Middle School has two school counselors and a substantial English as an Additional Language Department. There is an Academic Support course that is designed to supplement the general education program in assisting students whose academic needs require additional support beyond the classroom setting alone. Students may also be placed in Study Skills. This class is designed as a work lab as well as an opportunity to help students develop their academic skills.

There are three counselors in the High School, one of which is a school psychologist. English as an Additional Language services are available for students that meet the minimum level of English proficiency required for entrance into grades 9 & 10. An academic support program is designed to assist those students who need individual support and additonal skill work to develop effective learning strategies, organization and study habits.